Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well well, the grandfinals have come and gone! No more AFL and NRL , what are we going to do on our weekends. I certainly am dissappointed as I'm not going to hold my breath for the A-League triple header on a Sunday, I'd rather go to sleep. What did we think of the finals?

The AFL final was fantastic! The weather played a huge part in the way the game was played. The players stepped up and produced such an exciting final that the final margin(12) of the game was the biggest lead a team had. Paul Chapman being a deserved winner for best on ground.

On the otherhand the NRL grandfinal was a bit of a snorefest. Melbourne dominated throughout the match, not allowing Parramatta to play their razzle dazzle style of football which got them through this far in the finals. Outstanding performances by Greg Inglis and Adam Blair and not to mention Cooper Cronk carried the team throughout the match. Cooper Cronk is the most underrated player in rugby league these days, this year I feel he is ready to have a crack at international level. How did Billy Slater get the Clive Churchill medal? He didn't play at his outstanding best! He missed a crucial tackle on Eric Grothe and dropped the bomb when the pressure was on, which led to big Moi Moi's try. Does anyone else feel that try should not have been a try. Moi Moi's huge leg was seen to be in touch when trying to place the ball down!! What is the touchie looking at? Do we really need these gooses running along the touchline? They do nothing at all, pointless I tell you! So when you think about it, the controversial penalty on Moi Moi is just a case of justice served!

There is still plenty of sport to talk about and I'm sure something exciting will happen in the A-League for us to talk about or NOT!


  1. Great stuff wedge. Look forward to reading your weekly sports banter. Diesel

  2. Thanks Diesel, appreciate it. Ill try and blog whenever i have the time!
    Could be a few a week depending on material, but im sure ill find something to rant about!

  3. Great idea bauky! Totally agree with your comments on Slater. Definately did not deserve it. Its a shame they don't consider giving it to a player on the losing team. I thought Grothe and Fui both had great games. If anything Inglis or Cronk should have gotten it. Keep it up mate. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Thanks Nik, i love sport heaps so i thought id get my opinions out there. Ill have a better structue to my coming blogs which will make it an easier read for everyone!


    LOL, ok in all seriousness. Good stuff. Looking forward to NBA season.

  6. Thanks Piddeh Boy!! Berrrr!!
    Cant take u seriously with that name!!

  7. Wedge, what did you think of the penalty against Parra just before the field goal?
    How would you have felt if it was against the doggies at the same time in a GF?
    I still remember Geoff Toovey being allowed to get up and run after being tackled in a GF in the 90's - allowing Manly to score a try and take the game. Also a famous Doggies forward pass at Kogarah.

  8. Steve, personally i feel it should have been a penalty and i would have been pissed off if it was the bulldogs! However I feel the Eels shouldnt have been that close as Moi Moi's try should not have been a try. So it goes both ways. I remember all the dubious calls in the game but you forgot to mention this years video ref call, i wonder why you forgot that one! ;)
    Thanks for the comment Stevo!
    To the anomymous above, thanks for your opinion im doing this for a bit of fun and to share my passion sorry for wasting your time!