Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aussie helps win WNBA title, Rooney Speaks His Mind, Sydney FC blow away Melbourne and Mark Webber Gone?


My first hats off for this evening is going to Penny Taylor. Penny Taylor is one of the best Australian women's basketballer's and she has proved this by helping her team, the Phoenix Mercury, to their second WNBA title in three seasons! Pretty impressive I must say. She has great game and is not to hard on the eye! Taylor contributed 14 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds, which are great statistics in any form of the game. Australian women basketballer's are certainly making a name for themselves in the USA and I hope this continues. Go Girls!

Big kudos has to go to Sydney FC. Three goals in five minutes in Melbourne, silencing 30,668 fans, well the majority of them anyway! The boys in the light blue stole the show, scoring three goals in five minutes. (See video for the goals) During the week it was Kevin Muscat and Archie Thompson speaking of how they were going to put Sydney to the sword early. I absolutely despise Kevin Muscat and his antics, it was only fitting that he was the one who ended up red faced. Kevvie sometimes you just got to know when to close that big gob of yours, but if it's your words that are going to fire up the boy's from Sydney then keep talking! Even greater kudos must go to the boy's for keeping them scoreless after a barrage of attack from the Melbourne side! It seems as if new coach Vitezslav Lavicka has the side in control, especially in defense. Is this the year Sydney brings home the trophy, or what ever they call that circled piece of metal the A-League gives the winner!


A few years ago in the last soccer(football) World Cup our friend's England bowed out to Portugal, after losing 3-1 in a penalty shoot-out. Our friend Wayne Rooney was sent off in the 62nd minute for stomping on Ricardo Carvalho and David Beckham was lost to an injury. Nearly four years has passed and Christiano Ronaldo, who played in the Portuguese team which beat England, has left the beloved Manchester United to play in Spain. In an interview with the superstar, Wayne stated "In fact, it would be nice to not see Portugal there because the last two tournaments they have knocked us out." Now come on Wayne, to be the best, you have to beat the best! I wonder if this is just a way to get back at Ronaldo for leaving United! Today Ronaldo laughed off Rooney's wish in the Malaysian Sun stating "Rooney knows he doesn't have good memories of Portugal. Wayne has played against us several times and never won. He said it in jest, I don't believe he said it because he doesn't like us". Grow up Wayne, get over your demons. I'd love to see a rematch and if I were Wayne Rooney I would be asking for it, not trying to cower away! Poor form Wayne!



Poor Mark Webber (Australian Formula One Driver), can he do a thing right? Just when the man from Australia starts to put some good drives together there is talk of him getting the boot from Red Bull. Higher profile Kimi Raikkonen has been rumored to take his job alongside Sebastian Vettel. As unfair as it sounds for poor Mark, how long can the Red Bull team wait for results. As much as it hurts to see Mark Webber out of the F1 circuit maybe for good, he just didn't get the job done. Too many non-finishes, crashes, and sometimes out of his control issues which Red Bull have been known for in the past. Lets hope Mark finds another team as maybe he is reaching career best form. All I have to say is at least you got one Marky!

Until next time take it easy and enjoy the weekend of sport!


  1. mark webber has had his best yr by far and does not deserve the chop...podium finishes this yr compared to safety cars every other yr comin out for him geez wat else do they want!!! isnt kimi like 75 now? geez wat a joke
    how bout those boys from blue...bout time there was a lil excitement in that league...3 world class goals also not lil scrap ones they usually score...hope they can keep it goin and bring the gong bak 2 where it started SYDNEY!!!
    wayne rooney is just a chump...typical pom who cant handle the heat...they r bound 2 choke against someone else if portugal dont get will probably be cyprus they will lose to this time!!!!! that guy shouldnt open his mouth until his team wins a penalty shoot out LOL!!!!

  2. Mark Webber has been great this year Real Deal! It's unfair but like I said earlier, are these results going to be consistent or is Mark Webber's sponsored safety car going to be doing more laps then he is next year?
    Lets certainly hope that Sydney keep their form up! It was by far a more exciting game then the Socceroos 0-0 draw in front of 40000 people in the wet! BORING!
    Don't think Wayne will be opening his mouth for a long time! Perennial chokers when the penalty spot comes to play.

  3. I say suck shit to Mark Webber. Yeah yeah i can hear it now, "but he is an aussie!!!". Big freakin woop. He is the most arrogant driver on the circuit today. Sure, Kimi is pretty arrogant as well but have you ever heard him say that he is better than Schuey??? (If you guys dont know what im talking about, read the alpha issue where he is on the front cover). He seems to have an excuse for every time he doesnt finish. Sure he has had some bad luck this year (Rubens running into him, etc...) but over the span of his career surely it cant always be the cars fault. Webber needs to realise that the new gen of drivers such as Kimmi, Vettel, Button, etc... are more skilled than him.