Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boston beat LeBron in NBA Opener!


Kudos must be given to Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics who after a blistering start by the Cavs pulled themselves back and dominated the rest of the match. Pierce hit some big shots towards the end of the match to keep his team in front. He does it every year in big games! Kevin Garnett produced a double-double(13 points and 10 rebounds) including a big basket over Shaq in the final minutes. Celtics looked strong apart from their opening quarter. They are going to be tough to beat this year, so many go to guys on offence and their defence is like a wall and swallows any loose ball up! LeBron James was the shining light on the Cavs team. He was the only real contributor on the team, without him they would be Eastern Conference minnows! His 38 points and 8 assists were the only reason they were in the game. One of his highlights was a huge block on Rajon Rondo. I couldn't believe how high he was. King James could have taken a bite out of the rim. Check out the video from this link.


Why do teams believe Shaq is going to be their saviour! He is pathetic, slow and past his time! It's time to give someone else a go 'Diesel'! The one reason I don't understand why the Cavs bought him was the fact he is is just as slow and dopey as Zydrunas Ilgauskas! So now there are two of them, go figure that one out! I felt the Cavs made too much of an effort to get him the ball when the game was on the line! He is just a big lump of nothing clogging up LeBrons driving room! GET OUT OF HIS WAY! As for LeBron, as well as he played I felt he passed the ball way too much in that final quarter! A few of them turnovers when his players either weren't ready for it or they just can't catch the ball. I think the Cavs may not be as good as last year, especially if they keep playing Shaq!

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  1. lebron james has 2 nominations for block of the yr already geez!...agree with shaq...they say his lost weight but geez they had to have somethin better then him...they should have made a stronger play for someone of the likes of dave lee..boozer..millsap in the offseason instead they go with shaq...he ruined the suns run and gun style and i hope this guy doesnt ruin the cavs...sorry to say but his had it..and as a lakers fan myself...letting go of him now seems like one of the best decisions we may have ever made!