Thursday, October 29, 2009

Game, Set, Ice Agassi and the Hawks Swoop On The Taipans


I could not believe my eyes when reading yesterdays paper. The Wollongong Mercurys headline "Agassi admits to crystal meth use" sent shivers down my spine. Andre Agassi, one of the world's best tennis players in his time and a role model to many aspiring tennis players, is now frowned upon! His lies and deception had left the tennis world scratching their heads! What about all the people who idolised you Andre? Did you ever think of them when you were snorting the line? Life can be hard but I'm sure you didn't have to resort to drugs, especially when you knew the ramifications! Today you have to wonder how many of the current or past sports stars were/are involved with drugs. Lets hope no one else decides to come out and tell the world they were on drugs when conquering the world.


The Wollongong Hawks are flying! 5 Wins, 1 Loss, and the hawks nest has become a fortress over the last few weeks. Can this continue? Well I am thinking NO! I hope they can keep it up, but the fact that a majority of their games have been played at home shows they have not been tested on the road. Having these first handful of games at home though, will help the hawks when they go on the road. A great team chemistry is needed when travelling and these wins would have built a environment that everyone wants to play in! I'll be keeping a tab on them as I'm loving McKee (19 points 7 assists), I think he could be a favourite to win the MVP award if the Hawks keep this up! Hawks won 77-67.


  1. If Lance Armstrong ever comes out and admits to drug use my faith in humanity will be destroyed forever.

  2. i cant see the point in coming forward with this now?

  3. To sell his new autobiography of course

  4. It can work both ways. In the case of selling his autobiography, he probably made a few bucks. Does a few dollars really matter too him? I just dont understand that he got away with it for that long, why would you say anything now! It is going to tarnish everything that he ever achieved!

  5. ok. of course he fkd up when he was on ice, he knows that. but come on give the guy a break. It takes a lot of balls to come out and admit something like that, especially when he tried for yrs to get rid of his "bad boy" image to become one of the most respected sportsman going round. plus it was only in those "bad boy" yrs he was on the gear and i think most ppl asumed he was on something back then anyway. bottom line this was done a long time ago and he has managed to turn his life around and i think he should be commended for that. in saying that, yes, he is also trying to sell a book...