Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hindmarsh Revival, Lions Score and Does Rivalry Matter Anymore??


Kudos has to be given to Parramatta's Nathan Hindmarsh for sticking with it after being humiliated by NSW selectors midway through the year. He was the major catalyst along with Jarrod Hayne for bringing Parramatta from the minnows to the grandfinal. His 57 tackles in the grandfinal was a monstrous effort and should have been considered for the Clive Churchill. While on the subject of the Kangaroos selection(see below for squad) what do people have to say about the selection or non selection of some of the players? I personally feel that the Dally M Team Of The Year should all be a lock for the squad at least, do we all feel the same way? Otherwise why do they name that team, doesn't really make sense. Just a quick "ARE YOU KIDDING ME". The Wollongong paper "The Mercury's" back page headline was "Has Hayne taken Boyd's test spot", TURN IT UP.

Petero Civoniceva (Penrith), Cooper Cronk (Melbourne), Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers), Israel Folau (Brisbane), Paul Gallen (Cronulla), Kurt Gidley (Newcastle), Ben Hannant (Bulldogs), Jarryd Hayne (Parramatta), Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta), Justin Hodges (Brisbane), Ryan Hoffman (Melbourne), Greg Inglis (Melbourne), Michael Jennings (Penrith), Darren Lockyer (capt, Brisbane), Luke Lewis (Penrith), Josh Morris (Bulldogs), David Shillington (Canberra), Billy Slater (Melbourne), Cameron Smith (Melbourne), Sam Thaiday (Brisbane), Johnathan Thurston (North Queensland), Trent Waterhouse (Penrith), Anthony Watmough (Manly), Brett White (Melbourne).

The Brisbane Lions have to be given a hat's off for their efforts to just about secure Brendon Fevola. This will create the most formidable front line the AFL will have ever seen! Fevola and Brown, you have got to be kidding me! Which AFL team is going to be able to stop them, teams have trouble stopping fev or brown on their own! I think Brisbane have the players and coach to keep Fevola under control. Such a proud tradition at Brisbane and players in Brown and Simon Black who have been there through championships and hard times will have a greater control then any player at Carlton at the moment. Michael Voss their coach will possess a players point of view which will help keep Fevola in line. If your wondering what all the fuss about Fevola's antics are check this clip out its hilarious!


Where are the days gone when rivalry really mattered? Sport has become a business these days, wherever the most money is presented! Recently a proud Mortimor tradition at the Bulldogs went to play for rivals Parramatta, Robbie Deans proud Kiwi rugby union coach travelled the Tasman to coach Bledisloe Cup rivals Australia, today Darren Jolly(Sydney Swans Ruck-Man) signed with Collingwood, I mean how dare a swan become a magpie and last but not least Ewan McKenzie NSW Waratahs coach for a few years is tipped to coach the Queensland Reds one of Australia's biggest sporting rivalries. This is just Australia, there are many more, feel free to share, but I say bring back the good ol' days where rivalry matters and the players are loyal to tradition of the club.


This weekend if you can't catch the Australia vs Netherlands soccer international due to being out with your girlfriend or wife, try and find a little restaurant that is close to a pub! Little restaurants don't often have bathroom facilities so the pub is a great excuse to use the dunny and get a glimpse of the score. Using your mobile is not great table etiquette do drink plenty so you can take a couple of stops. I'm sure boys if you treat your lady to a nice meal she will more than likely give in to the idea of catching the last 15 minutes at the pub with a cold beverage!

Until next time take it easy!


  1. Don't agree. We both know individual success doesn't transfer to TEAM success. While some players perform well for their clubs , they don't GEL with other players on a team. Hence why some players miss out when obviously they're in top form. It's about picking the best TEAM not best lot of INDIVIDUALS.


  2. Fair call piddeh however when are they going to get rid of paul gallen and give guys like David Stagg a go! He would fit in any team! You would back me up there. Dallas Johnstone while not spectacular with the ball is one of the best locks in the game! I agree with other positions about individual talent but explain michael jennings, he didn't perform at origin level at all! Thanks for your comment.

  3. i think some of those players picked are a joke...hodges in form..please...chump got shown up so hard by inglis...if ur gonna pick form then u mite as well throw in big dave taylor correct?..hoffman lewis shillington white should be no where near an australian squad..and also horses like dave stagg and ben creagh were the most unbelievable omissions from that squad

  4. Totally agree real deal! Dave Taylor in great form! There was a great article in today's MX, where Tim Sheens spoke about how it was picked on form! Glad both the Morris boys are in, what an achievement! I guess the selectors don't wanna big change, they are scared of results! Give some new guys who deserve it a go!

  5. Mr Schmuck. I must disagree some what with the beef you have towards rivalries. Its hard to pick up the weekly paper these days with seeing yet another professionl coach copping the sack from a team that would probably not be performing any better with anyone else calling the shots. I say good on eddie jones for going to japan and ewan for going to france (where he agian got sacked) and now going to the reds. I thinks its great for oz rugby to have him back coaching in the country. These guys need to take work where they can cause their stint isn't often a long one wherever they go.

    However i do agree that players these days make the majority of their decisions cause of the $ signs in their eyes and is largely why we don't see as many of those great traditional rivalries we are used to. how can you really take a players word serious, just look at the spill willie mason and sonny bill gave about their loyaly to the dogs just before they jumped ship.


    p.s. kudos, hats off and big ups on the blog.

  6. Thanks very much for your opinion I hope you continue to follow the blog! And yes I am also glad Ewan is back in the country coaching! Should be another great rivalry especially with him
    knowing so much about the waratahs!

  7. Great job so far Bauky! Good to see someone else as crazy about sport as me!

    As for Fev. Good on him! And what a team the Lions will have. let me give you and your readers a tip now. Lions for the top 4 next season. Get on it!!!! You can even get $13 for them to win the flag on Betfair...a little value there.

    Good on Hindy too for makin the test squad. Hindy has to be one the most consistent players in the NRL ever! There I said. And in response to the Rea; Deal, although Hodges did not have a great game against Melb, his overall form this year has been good. And he always turns out to play for the Kangaroos. And in regards to Dave Taylor, he only hit form in the last 6 week. Everyone forgets his poor form at the start of the year. And the fact he wants to play wide, PLEASE, Inglis and Hodges anyday thanks!

    And the soccer. F$%K THAT! Not while Pim is there. He is killing our game. So boring. And ill bet any money with anyone that he will leave after the World Cup. He doesnt care about out future or legacy. He just wants results to prop up his own price.

    (Sorry for the long post)

  8. Thanks Nik,
    Yeah im with you on the Hodges front, he is a big time player!
    I think with Taylor he did have a poor start but a lot of these players picked haven't been entirely consistent. Luke Lewis did he even play this year!
    I totally agree with your Pim comment, I can barely watch the socceroos anymore. Hopefully now that they are through they can provide the fans with some flair! He will be gone for sure after the WC which is dissappointing as Australia haven't had a long term coach for a while now!
    Keep the tips coming, the Lions are a force to be reckoned with!