Wednesday, January 19, 2011



So after watching the first couple of days of the Australian Open I am already sick of the amount of grunting women are using during their matches. 

Personally I think it is cheating. I feel it is a way of putting your opponent off. The other night while watching the Groth/Wickmayer match I couldn't help but feel for Groth. I don't know if any of you caught the match but Wickmayer was grunting for so long that you could still hear her while Groth was about to hit the ball. I don't see that as being necessary at all. The men don't do it, why do the women? 

A couple of years back I was down in Melbourne and was watching Serena Williams play against Kuznetsova. In the first set Williams did not grunt once! She lost that set. After a slight rain delay and the Russian pushing for victory, Williams decided to start grunting. This came out of the blue and people in the crowd were wondering where this came from. Williams prevailed in the end, winning the match in three sets. 

During one of the matches this week an umpire told the crowd to keep quiet between the first and second serve. How about you tell the two girls in the middle to shutup during their points!

While I am typing this I have the Azarenka match on in the background. All I can hear is both chicks grunting. If I was taking a stroll past my house right about now I'd think two women were going at it in the bedroom. It's absolutely disgraceful. If we were complaining about the vevuzelas at the World Cup, this is just as bad.

I'm wondering what you guys think. Some people may get their kicks out of two chicks groaning and moaning on a tennis court. I think umpires these days need to make a decision sometimes on excessive groaning. I would understand if the match was 10-10 in the third set but 1-0 in the first set. Damn girl, you been running a marathon before the match?