Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Number One Draft Pick Goes Down Again, NBA Starts Tommorrow With Nice Double Header on One HD!


For the second time in three years the number one draft pick in the NBA has gone down injured before the season has even begun. I couldn't wait to see how Blake Griffin went in front of a big Los Angeles crowd tomorrow. Opening night at the Staples Center would have been a great place to show every body he was the worthy number one pick! Instead he will be watching from the sidelines for up to 6 weeks. How disappointing for the 20 year old, who would have been waiting for this all off season. Not only is it disappointing for Griffin but also for the Clippers, who were looking forward to the start of the season having everyone healthy and ready to go. Last year they were plagued by injury and were looking to improve on their 19 win season. Lets hope Blake gets back on the court as soon as possible so we can see some of his high flying action!


Is everyone looking forward to the NBA tomorrow? I can't wait to watch the double header on ONE HD. Cleveland vs Boston then the two Los Angeles teams going toe to toe! The first game should be a cracker. I'm predicting these two teams will eventually fight out the Eastern Conference along with Orlando. It will be interesting to see the new tactics of both teams with new additions to their rosters. The Los Angeles game should be entertaining with loads of points scored. It's Hollywood right? Time to entertain the riches! Here is a link to the schedule for NBA games on TV in Australia. There are so many more than previous years, lets hope as the season goes on they start broadcasting more! http://www.nba.com/schedules/international_nba_tv_schedule.html

LOGO: http://cdn.cbsi.com.au/story_media/339295691/one-hd_1.jpg

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