Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hats Off & My Beef


The Hats Off section is going to be when I feel as if a sporting star or organisation has done some good or deserves kudos. So for my first hats off im giving it to our new friend Dean Cox. Dean Cox is from the West Coast Eagles an All Australian Ruck-man known for his kick in which Leo Barry took a screamer of a mark to win the 2005 Championship. Dean Cox was spotted at a nightclub in the Gold Coast and instead of being a jerk like most football players tend to be, Dean let us have a chat and even posed in a pirate outfit for the cameras. We heard Fevola was in the Gold Coast, if only we could have spotted him!! If anyone else has photos with celebrities which will give us all a laugh feel free to post them!

I am also going to give a hats off to the Women's Tennis Organisation for finally giving someone else the number one ranking! Can someone please explain how Dinara Safina has retained the number one spot for nearly a year without winning one grand slam? This is pathetic and it goes to show that something needs to be done with the system so that it is fair to all the players. Number one ranked loses 6-0, 6-1 in women's final in Melbourne! I suppose she is just a hot head like her brother Marat!

One last hats off goes to the Aussie Cricket team who after their appauling effort against the Poms in the Ashes they picked themselves up and got over the line in the ICC Champions Trophy. If the Kiwis beat us in that, I think Australian sport may as well start hiding let alone their fans. I mean basketball, rugby league, rugby union some of our beloved sports and they are taking over! Great job Shane Watson for carrying the team though the finals!

This section will provide my opinion on something that has pissed me off in the sporting world. Feel free to add your own if you intend to comment on the blog!

My Beef today is the selection for the Kangaroos squad!! Sometimes i think they are absolutely blind!! Lets think about it, St George as much as i despise the club I feel they deserve at least one player in there! I mean Brett Morris top try scorer and excitement machine goes unnoticed, another one being Michael Ennis, brought in for NSW in the third game after Robbie Farah's superb series and he cleans up and helps them win in Queensland! Turn it up I say! Tim Sheens as the coach probably has a lot to say about this! Any thoughts jump on board! See you next time with some new additions to the blog.


  1. What do you mean there are no Dragons palyers??? I won't be following the tour!

  2. Thanks great call!! I am a bit of a shmuck!!

  3. lol you do know what shmuck is right ?