Friday, October 23, 2009

Has Tim Sheens Gone Too Far, The Four Nations Collide and Who Will Win The Cox Plate?


Tim Sheens, you are kidding right? Two days before the big game, Mr Sheens has come out and let Benji Marshall know that a faction within the NRL club thought he was being payed too much. He also claimed that the faction did not want to resign him when Benji went looking for lucrative offers from overseas clubs. What sort of stupid ploy is this before the big match? If I was Sheens I would have kept my mouth closed! Marshall is a key player back at the Tigers, why would you want him to come home an unhappy man and asking questions to the board? Benji is a young superstar, the NRL can't keep losing such talent. I wonder when it's time to re-sign in 2011 if this story will come back to haunt the West Tigers!


While I'm on the Rugby League topic, who do we think is going to win the Four Nations? Is the World Cup blunder going to fire up the Aussies to punish their competition or is New Zealand or England going to haunt the Aussies once again? The French are there for a holiday, the entertainment factor in their matches will be by how much they lose by! Personally I feel the Aussies are going to remember the humiliation of losing the World Cup in front of their home fans! They will rip shreds off their rivals and I think noone is going to come close over the next few weeks. If you feel otherwise or agree with what I'm saying I'd love to hear from you!
So which individuals are you looking forward to watching over the next few weeks? All the talk is about Billy Slater, Jarrod Hayne and Fui Fui Moi Moi! I think Greg Inglis is going to be awesome! Noone is capable of stopping him in any of the teams in the tournament. Are they keeping him out of the media? This kid is the biggest superstar at the tournament and not a word has been said about him! It will be interesting to see some of the talent that will be making their way over to play in the NRL next season. Sam Burgess the new singning for the Rabbitohs will be under the watchful eye of the South Sydney faithful. Will he live up to the hype surrounding him?
I can't wait to get up early and watch the boys run around this Sunday morning. Enjoy the match and I look forward to hearing what you think!

Not long to go now before the Melbourne Cup, and arent the races getting bigger and better! What a race the Caulfield Cup turned out to be! Bart Cumming's horse Viewed getting the better of the field, showing that the Melbourne Cup win last year was no fluke. Tomorrows race should be great, so many chances running around at Mooney Valley! Anyone got an opinion on the big race? I'm going to be putting my money on 'Hearts Of Dreams'! I think it should get a gun run and finish off strong towards the finish! I'm going to quinella it with the favourite 'Whobegotyou'. Don't discount 'Vision and Power' and 'Road To Rock' as they will feature in the finish! Good luck and bet responsibly!

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  1. couldnt agree anymore about the marshall story!! tim sheens is kiddin himself and has only created more controversy when marshall comes back into camp in the off season wondering whether or not it is worth putting on the tigers jersey again! once again he has proved his an idiot by 1 putting farah over ennis and 2 quoting this from tigers leader ship group...keep up the work sheens coz without him your not only not a top 8 team...your a wooden spoon contention team!