Monday, October 12, 2009

Holden Smashes Ford, Frankie Does It Again and are the Sea Eagles Kidding?


Yesterday the fans that braved the wet at Bathurst witnessed a domination by Holden. Nine out of the first ten cars which finished the race were of the Holden brand. The drivers must be commended for their spectacular efforts in the changing weather conditions throughout the race. I'm not a huge motor sports fan but Bathurst is one amazing race! It's great to see Australia have a huge motor sports event, since our country has such a huge following of the V8's. The crowds they attract are monstrous! This has not gone unnoticed, as another big event is going to be staged in Sydney. Homebush Bay, Olympic Park will play host to the new v8 event. Tickets are still on sale for the 4th-6th December event. It will be an amazing venue for such a spectacle! I'm sure Homebush Bay will host the event as well as Bathurst do year in year out! Congratulations must also be given to the eventual winners Garth Tander and Will Davison.

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A-League coach Frank Farina has been caught drink driving yet again! What is it going to take for the Brisbane Roar to sack Farina? Meanwhile he was caught on the way to training with his son also in the car. Great example set on all fronts Frankie! It's such a good way to show your son your a piss head, let alone turning up to training session a day before the big Queensland derby drunk. What would the players be thinking? Brisbane now 6th on the ladder after yesterdays 1-0 defeat at home to the Gold Coast, need plenty of inspiration and motivation. Especially from their once Socceroos coach! They certainly aren't going to find it while you're slurring your words Mr Farina! So what's it going to be Roar officials?



The Manly Sea Eagles really are kidding themselves! Today Geoff Toovey ruled himself out of becoming the next CEO of the club taking over from ousted Grant Mayer. Thank goodness Geoff said 'no'! I mean Toovey is a Manly football God, but he is no CEO. Geoff is still running the water bottles for the first grade side! Personally I don't think Geoff would have half a brain left. I'm sure it would not be hard to find a well educated person who has a passion for rugby league. There are people out there! A perfect example of such a person is Todd Greenberg from the Canterbury Bulldogs. Over the years the Bulldogs have had their reputation tarnished by off field incidents by some of the players. Todd has cleaned out all the rubbish and helped build the club back from scratch! The Bulldogs on and off the field this year were excellent and are slowly building that reputation back up!PHOTO:


  1. a league goes from bad 2 worse...great leadership for the younger kids...frank farina..the man who dumps a promising young player in robbie kruse down to melbourne coz of off field has a case of drink driving..if found guilty frank should have the same punishment!
    agree with greenberg he has done a great job with the club and was even good enough to talk with fans at oki stadium at the beginning of the yr..fine form

  2. I do agree that the bulldogs seem to be a reformed team...but the doggies fans still need a lot of work!

  3. Hey Adrian,

    Firstly i would like to say you have done a great job with this blog. Now i see you comments about Bathurst and i love the great race. I watch it every year and love it. What did you think of the mid race blow up between Steven Johnson and Mark Swatch? Also what did you think of Swatch performance? I thought it was a great drive for a guy who only races every now and then. What a shame there isnt more spots available for regular drives?

    Frank Farina is an idiot, just when the a-league was beginning to show how great it really is. I must totally disagree with the REAL DEAL as the a-league is true quality. Sure it is not the EPL but for an Australia league it is truely a great competition. I mean there are spectacular goals and plays every week. What do you think Adrian?


  4. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the comment. When you think about it, this happens in all types of sports! There is always someone that shines on a day but rarely gets another chance because he/she is behind so many others!

    Your comments regarding the A-League I can't totally agree with you! I know we can't compare to the EPL but there is only one out of every four games a week that happens to be exciting. This year though the A-League has recruited well and brought some quality players into the lineups. I think it has a long way to go but I do think it will be great in the years to come!

    Hope to hear from you again Alex