Friday, October 9, 2009

NBA Cares, Johnny to the Rescue, Rocky Elsom Capitano and NBL Commentary WOW!

Hats Off:

Kudos for the day is going to the NBA(National Basketball Association) who in an attempt to reach the fans worldwide have been playing pre-season matches all over the world. Many countries outside the USA have developed a keen interest in the NBA, China being the largest, this may be due to the fact that the game is witnessing many European and Asian superstars come on to the scene. Players such as Dirk Nowitzki from Germany and Ming Yao from China have a huge following, not only in their country but in America also. The NBA could turn a blind eye on this but have shown they care about their fans and are providing entertainment to these countries. The NBA is also playing games in Europe against European franchises such as last night Utah Jazz played against Real Madrid a European powerhouse, 13000 people attended the match. Do we feel as if Australian sport do this enough? I personally feel as if we don't have the resources but I feel as if Australian sports need to get their product out to the rest of the world. It will take time but eventually I can see it happening.
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Kudos also goes to Rob Horne for making the Wallabies squad young kid coming up through the Waratah's ranks and has shown that he is going to be an excitement machine and a great defender. He is a friend of the family and we wish him all the best on tour!

My Beef:

I don't know if everyone has seen the news today, but Rocky Elsom was named captain of the Wallabies(Australian Rugby Union Team).I have enjoyed watching Rocky Elsom over the years and feel as if he is a strong willed player with a lot of emotion but I don't think he is worthy of the Australian captaincy. Stirling Mortlock has been a great captain over the years and he is someone that many players have grown to respect and he earned that captaincy and waited many years for George Gregan to pass on the reins. The Wallabies have one of the best players in the world wanting to be Australia's shining light, Matthew Giteau. There must be a riff between the selectors/coach and Matty because he is the man for the job, without his expertise the team would struggle to compete and he would be a great leader on and off the field. Over the last week there has been some dodgy decisions made by Australian sport selectors. Phil Waugh also not making the cut is beyond a joke, he is one of Australia's hardest, toughest working players on the paddock. He would be a great impact player off the bench and provide great experience for the younger generation on the move. I understand results haven't been great but these players are the foundation of the team. The younger generation need something to look to!


Has anyone caught an NBL(National Basketball League) match on fox sports this year? The commentary is horrendous, bring back Steve Carfino and I cant believe I'm saying this John Casey. The new crew of Shane Heal, Andrew Gaze, Brian Taylor and Dwayne Russell are pathetic, sorry Hammer and Drew but so far its been disgraceful. Maybe it's the two nitwits you are dealing with but 'BT' has no idea at all about basketball, its a disgrace they have even put him on there! He has no idea what a screen, let alone a jump shot is! He has played 140 games in the VFL/AFL let him commentate that, it's beyond a joke. Shane Heal the other night on the broadcast in Cairns had to explain himself three times so 'BT' could understand it. Bring back Carfino so they can actually commentate the game properly, and at least he has a strong passion for the game, it needs some life as it is! If there was something else worth watching, I would have easily changed the channel. Last night watching the Breakers/Tigers game it was the same thing. After every basket they would show a member of the crowd, by the time the camera went back to the game another basket was already scored! I mean we are here to watch the basketball not spot the dummy in the crowd. If the NBL wants to get back to the 90's then bring back people who want it to succeed not people that don't really care and have no idea what the sport needs!

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Just Going to Throw it Out There?

What do people think of the approach made by the NRL to John Howard to head an independent commission?

I personally feel as if there would be no harm done in Mr Howard running the NRL. There is a startlingly increase in fan participation towards the latter part of the season with a few sellouts and big final series numbers. He has a great passion for the game and would bring a broad range of ideas to the table. I know many people don't like him for differing reasons, however I'm not a big political follower so I'm just looking out for the game I love to follow! Feel free to speak your mind on any of the topics brought up today!



  1. Master Adrian...

    Nice blog just wondering if you happened to catch the Dodgers win in the baseball this morning. Probably the best finish to a baseball game i have ever seen.

    Also did you catch the Brown dunk on your man Mr MOORE. I believe old mikki has cost you in the past???


  2. I did not catch the baseball this morning but I will definitely be watching espn sportscenter tonight to catch the latest! My man mikki, I can't wait to see it, that chump deserves it! He is chasing a championship, should have stayed somewhere we he can get some minutes! Especially this early in his so called career! Thanks anon look forward to hearing from u again!

  3. An interesting post there about the wallabies squad and choice of captain. Initially I have the same thought on elsom leading the team, however look how well the all blacks performed under richie mccaw (very similar approach to the game and style of play). It could work surprisenly well. also i dont think giteau is ready for position, maybe in few more years, but doesn't have that natural leadership quality to take the reins just yet.



  4. Master,

    Just another thing:

    I think the ATP should ban Davydenko, he is clearly a cheat and game chucker. I have had enough of his poor efforts. He is pathetic yet is still always ranked highly. WTF is with this?


  5. Malcom, Johnny has gone missing!
    We used to love sitting down on a saturday arvo with a few beers listening to Casey commentate the AFL. He just adds another dimension to your viewing! I feel Richie McCaw is a born leader where Rocky Elsom has the agression but does he command such respect as a McCaw or Gregan??
    Thats what is bugging me a little!
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Anon,
    Davydenko is another case of Dinara Safina. He attempts every tournament the ATP offers and doesn't take a break throughout the year! He does very well in the little tournament which boosts his ranking. We can't put him down for not competing well at majors either.I mean he has a 42-12 record this year! Don't get me started about him cheating, because he is very sceptical, and i have been involved when he has been caught in the act! However he is not the only one, it is very easy in individual sports to do the dodgy, even if it is only losing one set to know you are still going to win the match!

  7. What a super effort by Rob Horne. I am really happy for his mum who will be jetting off to watch him on tour. Also, I am exceptionally happy about the inclusion of Brett Morris. Now I will keep an eye on the Kangaroo tour.

  8. Definitely a super effort Robbie much like what's his doing!! Now that the Morris boys are back playing on the same team, Josh might lure Brett over to the dogs! Fingers crossed! Let's hope rob gets a run!