Thursday, October 15, 2009

Timmy To The Rescue and Have Your Say!

Who else but Tim Cahill? He should wear a cape! Timmy is our saviour! When in need of a goal, he steps up and finds himself in the right position at the right time! How many times has this man come to the calling of our nation? Is there anyone better than him in the football world at having such great positioning on the field? What about the rest of the team? I felt the Socceroo's were good at times but they gave Oman to much respect. Their opponents had some quality chances to put Australia in an uncompromising position. One shot was richoched off the post by goal keeper Mark Shwartzer, and an open header could have gone anywhere! The socceroo's attack became very predictable, I think many people would agree. Everything they tried was through the wings, there was no penetration through the middle of the park at all! This could be due to Vinnie Grella and Marco Bresciano not playing. All in all the BIG GAME was a bit of a let down with not many goals scored. However the Aussies will take the win and stay alive in the Asian Cup!
Australia 1-Oman 0


The Daily Telegraph over the last two days conducted a poll in regards to the Golden Point situation in Rugby League. The question asked was 'Should the NRL introduce the golden try instead of golden point so teams would throw the ball about instead of hitting up for a field goal?' The poll is still currently running, however out of 2733 votes polled, 74.57% of the votes have said YES! I lean towards yes but have argument for no aswell. Firstly it would be great for that extra ten minutes of entertainment for the fans. I am a little sick of teams going for the 40 metre prayer(field goal). However these players have endured 80 minutes of football. Do they have the energy? What do you think? Have your say!

Enjoy the read and I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


  1. i believe its tough for their to be a "golden try" as it is such a physically demanding sport! but it would be great to see. soccer has a golden goal so wouldn't mind the occasional golden try rule come the end its only an extra 10 minutes where as soccer could go on for an extra 30 and still not have a result!
    btw thanks for the tebow video!!

  2. After having lost many a game by a golden point I think a try would be a fairer result. Really 10 minutes extra to some of the players who only play half a game would make no difference. Maybe if they have used their interchanges by full time they could be allowed another in the extra time.

  3. Hey Angie b you are allowed two interchanges once golden point begins. Help that clears the situation up for you.