Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Netball on Fire and the Gators snap up LSU


Over the last few days the World Netball Series was held in Manchester. The six top nations in the world competed in a revamped game. The aim of the series was to raise the profile of the sport and attract new participants and spectators. Netball, worldwide, is on the up which has allowed for this opportunity to try something new. The revamped game allows for much more excitement, energy and allows for the athletes to take their athleticism to a new level. The new rules are as follows:

  • Rolling substitutes. This means substitutes while game is still in progress.

  • Each team selects a power play quarter which doubles their score for that quarter.

  • Teams can also shoot from outside the semi circle which is worth two points.

I feel if cricket can introduce a Twenty20 spectacle, there's no reason why netball can't and be successful at the same time! Netball had such a great year in 2009, and just maybe they can incorporate some of these rules in a mini series during the 2010 season. I'm sure the fans will love it!

LOGO: http://www.worldnetballseries.com/

Did anyone see the LSU vs Florida College Football match on One HD last Friday? What a spectacle! 93129 fans. most of them wearing LSU colours, flocked to see a bunch of college kids play football. That is amazing! They aren't just kids though, they are stars of the future! The entertainment at a college game rivals that of their seniors, the NFL. The scoreline favoured the Florida Gators 13-3. This scoreline does not reflect how much the Gators dominated LSU. Tim Tebow, senior quarterback, played through post-concussion to push his team over the line with an exceptional pass to the inzone! Their defense was unreal, nothing was let through their line, limiting LSU to only 44 yards in the second half! We are talking about the number 4 ranked team in the nation being held to 44 yards at home. In Tebow Florida have a great leader, and if you were to ever mirror your leadership skills on someone look no further than Tim. Passionate, emotional, sheer drive to succeed and his motivation on and off the field shows in their results. Could this be three NCAA titles in a row for the Gators and Tebow? I am quietly confident!

PHOTO: http://lilymommy2000.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/florida-gators.jpg

Until next time take it easy!

This is a follow up on Real Deal's comment to get Tim Tebow's speech he made after the Ole Miss loss last year. Since then Florida have not lost a match and went on to win the NCAA last year, as well as starting perfect this year! Enjoy this kid is amazing!


  1. Couldnt agree anymore bout the way the gators just dominated that game...they were in complete control at all times and never looked fazed...who could ever forget tim tebows speech after the ole miss game last yr...if you could get a hand on that it deserves to be put on your next blog..was unbelievable and has seemed to have ticked over to this yr. This guy was concussed 2 weeks ago and continually puts his body on the line!!! I'm a big tebow fan and wish him all the best in his post collegiate future this guy is a star!

  2. Adrian,
    Thanks for the quick reply am really liking your blog. I actually caught that netball you are talking about the other day. Must say it took netball from a boring game to a decent thing to watch. Did you see how well the Kathy Andrews played for England she killed it. Did you see her hit the shots?


  3. No problem! I didn't catch the netball, I think you may have been watching the wrong netball series as there was no Kathy Andrew whom played for England. Mark Swatch also didn't race in the Bathurst 1000.