Monday, December 21, 2009

Sport Across The Weekend


Kudos must be given to Jobe Watson for taking out the honourary role of being the Essendon Bombers captain for 2010. Watson is one of the most hard working midfielders in the AFL and thoroughly deserves this promotion. I'm sure Matthew Lloyd will see Watson as a great player to lead the Bombers into the next decade. Good luck Watson! 

The Adelaide 36ers must be congratulated for putting behind their 4th quarter demons and taking out two big names in the NBL this week. Firstly they took on the red hot Gold Coast Blaze at the Distinctive Homes Dome. The 36ers were up by more than 20 at half time before the Blaze made one of their reknowned comebacks to pull the game within three points. With still three minutes to go the 36ers could have collapsed as they have been doing over the last month but they dug deep and kept the Blaze at bay. This broke the Blaze run of a five game winning streak. This must have given Adelaide some confidence as they went to Perth on Saturday night and beat up the Wildcats. Not many teams go to 'the Jungle' and beat Perth by a convincing 12 points. With Matt Burston coming back into the lineup and firing on all cylinders Adelaide may pose a threat late in the competition. On the other hand, Perth haven't been playing too great at the moment and with three games in the next week it could be do or die for the boys from the west. 

I don't know whether or not to include the Breakers in my Hats Off section because they are so inconsistent. I want to congratulate them for their win in Melbourne and keeping the Tigers at the bottom of the ladder, but at the same time want to have a go at them for being appalling at home against the Crocs. Their offense is so hot and cold, and when it is cold it is ice cold! They self destructed in the second half and let the Crocs run all over them. The Breakers defense has a lot to work on if they are to be strong contenders for the title they were once considered favourites for. Maybe JR can give us a little insight into what is going on with the club? Do you think the Breakers need another import? I wonder are the Kiwis allowed to bring in an import with Rillie still there? I still believe Rillie has what it takes and if he gets hot in a game it could be all over for the opposition! Even Bruton has had enough of losing at home and in an article on, CJ said "It's disappointing to lose three in a row at home, and that part is frustrating. Every team has to play well at home. You've got to be able to do the job. Right now we don't seem to get the job done when we need to. All the rules that we have just go out the window."


I'm really disappointed in the Aussie Cricket Team of late. I don't like their attitude towards their opposition or the umpires. If they were fair dinkum about their cricket they would have pounded the West Indies in every one of those Test Matches. Instead of this happening they were more interested in getting in the face of their opposition or arguing with the umpires. Three players in one test match from the Australian team have been fined(Haddin, Johnson and Watson). There is no doubt about it the Aussies are a force in Test Cricket but they have a lot to prove after a dismal series against the Caribbean side. Shane Watson's antics after he took the Chris Gayle wicket was unnecessary, I mean the bloke took the Aussies for a century in the first innings in unbelievable fashion. I don't think he was prancing around in your face when he whacked you a few times, was he Watson? Ricky Ponting has called a team meeting in the light of his teams fines and behaviour on the field. Ponting stated "It's one of my responsibilities as the captain to make sure that guys aren't overstepping the mark. This week when we get down to Melbourne as a group together it will happen in our first team meeting, we will go over some of the events of this week." Get your act together Aussies, and let the cricket do the talking! Check out Watsons behaviour below. I like what Chris Gayle said "Shane is that sort of person - I didn't expect anything better." After his first innnings blunder in the field, Gayle took control of the match and played a superb test match as captain. It seems he has his team all fired up and loving their cricket. After the series is over it's fair to say the West Indies certainly weren't here for a holiday. 




  1. shane watson is my most hated aussie cricketer and has been for a long time..I celebrate every time he gets out I can't stand him...and to see him do what he did over the weekend is just pathetic..great sportsmanship shane...your nothin!
    to the nz winning in melbourne used to seem hard...everyone does it these days...gotta leave seeing mark worthington down in the dumps after talking trash before the start of the season...guess you tigers arent the king of the jungle after all champ!

  2. Shane Watson is overrated and really hasn't achieved anything remarkable in cricket. I can't believe cricket Australia are persisting with him opening the batting, bring back Hughes. The only advantage of Watson opening is that he might get hit in the head with a shining new ball.