Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Crazy Night In The EPL


What a night for the roughies in the EPL! How could you have picked it, let alone have dreamt of it. Chelsea drawing to Everton 3-3 at home, Tottenham losing to Wolverhampton 1-0 at home and Manchester United losing at Old Trafford to the mighty Aston Villa 1-0. If you were to have a $10 bet on these three results combined you would have collected $4875. That is out of control! I'm an Aston Villa fan and I couldn't be more happy waking up to such a result. Even Manchester City were lucky to escape a loss to Bolton away from home. Carlos Tevez again the hero for City in the 3-3 draw. I somehow don't think we will see a round like this for the rest of the season or maybe the top four are slowly coming back to the field. What do you think? I think teams like Aston Villa, Everton, Manchester City and Tottenham are closing the gap on the once dominate big four!


  1. It’s nice to see that Carlos TEVEZ is getting back to his usual self and certainly City are the main beneficiary from this great form of his. Too bad United never knew just how talented the guy was. I really wish to see maintain this momentum for them so that City stand a great chance to clinch a spot in Europe next season.

    Of course as a fan of Argentina, my wish would also be that he keeps up this going into the World Cup in South Africa as badly need the old TEVEZ that we’re so used to love seeing.

    Oh yes, what is your take on TEVEZ performance so far? Visit my blog at Mundo Albiceleste and let us your view on this.

  2. What an awesome weekend for EPL! Everton win would have been nice, but I can settle for a draw. And any Man U defeat is a winner in MY book!