Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LeBron vs Noah and Some Pretty Fly Dance Moves By The Cavs


On Saturday Cleveland toweled Chicago 101-87. It's not the scoreline I am here to write about. It is why the hell would Joakim Noah be talking smack to LeBron James while he was at the free throw line. It must have been something pretty offputting because James left the free throw line and proceeded to walk towards the Chicago bench where Noah was sitting. Big Z and Mo Williams had to step in to slow the man down. Noone from the Chicago bench wanted to stop what was going on. It even looks like the assistant coaches are having a chuckle in regards to what Noah is yelling out. James insisted it was "nothing personal" on nba.com. The Cavs were having that much fun they were dancing all over the court. Some of their dance moves are pretty cool and some are pretty daggy! I know which ones I'll be taking to the d-floor. Check out the standoff and the dance moves in the clip below.

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  1. my mate danny green bustin it! and sik noah thats why ur on the bench hahaha