Monday, December 14, 2009

Is This The End For Tiger Woods?


The Tiger Woods saga has to be the biggest story in sport over the last decade. I know people have had enough of Tiger in the news and so have I, but I'm wondering if Tiger will be able to fight through this and be as good as he once was. I personally believe Tiger will come back even stronger than what he was before. Individual sport requires the strongest mental stability because there is no-one there to support you(I even think sometimes caddies are there for decoration) and when things are looking south it is just you and your club. You have no teammates to pick up your slack if you aren't playing well or to give you a pep talk at half time. The fairways and greens don't talk to you, they are your biggest enemy. This is why he is the greatest. He has the mental toughness to conquer any golf course and every golfer is looking over their shoulder for Tiger when they are in the lead. I really hope he isn't out of the game for too long. Golf does need Tiger Woods and I'm sure Tiger needs Golf. He has lost some big name sponsors in Gatorade(Tiger Drink) and Gillette pulled the pin over the weekend(not airing any advertisements with Tiger in them). Today Tiger Woods was considered "no longer the right rep" by Accenture. This is the first major sponsor to cut ties altogether. There are still many companies who are staying on board such as EA Sports, Tag Heuer and Nike Inc. 

What do you think? Is Tiger done for good or will he come back a better man/player(golfer that is!)

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