Thursday, December 3, 2009

Philly Seeks The Answer, Artest Admits To Drinking On The Job and 2 Minutes and 2 seconds!


Allen Iverson has been plucked out of retirement by the Philadelphia 76ers. It has only been a week since AI announced his retirement from the league. I can't believe he is back in Philly. I wonder how the fans in Philadelphia are going to react. Cheers or Boos? He is their golden child! Surely they will embrace his return. I understand that Iverson was not going to agree to the deal unless he was made the starting point guard. At the moment that is a good option with Holiday going down injured. What about when Holiday comes back? Are they going to be able to play them both at the same time? Is Louie Williams going to lose out on this deal? Williams is an awesome energy player off the bench! These questions will be answered in the weeks to come. All in all though I think this deal is a good one for the franchise. The 76ers are struggling at the moment to string some wins together, will Iverson be the ANSWER! The ten time all star makes his debut on Monday against his former club the Denver Nuggets.


Ron Artest is a joke! He has now admitted to drinking on the job. Artest admits to drinking Hennessy during half time breaks when he was playing with the Bulls(1999-2002). "I kept it in my locker. I'd just walk to the liquor store(near the stadium) and get it". Why do players admit to these things and further tarnish their image. Especially in Ron Artest's case who already has a bad boy image going for him. Great role model material Ron!

Check this shot out by Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. Good luck beating him in HORSE!


Two minutes and two seconds was all it took for Danny Green to stop the fight against Roy Jones Jnr at the Acer Arena last night. Unbelievable would have to be the words that came out of my mouth last night! Who would have thought this is how the fight would have ended. Thousands of people were left disappointed to see the fight not go the distance or atleast have a round finished. People probably still had a full beer in their hands. Danny Green should have shouted the place a beer or two for sticking around for that long to see two minutes worth of fight. Should people be disappointed? I mean an Australian won the title in convincing fashion. That's money well spent, right? I couldn't believe the amount of Australians hoping Green got the shit beat out of him. It doesn't make sense, there isn't many Aussie sportstars that fans want to see lose. I've placed a poll on the side for people to vote on,feel free to click away! I'm leaning towards a thrown fight by Jones Jnr but I certainly hope not. The eight count by the referee was a bit dodgy and Roy just stood there copping the punches. A boxer of his calibre would try and slow it down, maybe lean forward to grab onto Green instead of holiding his gloves up and getting the shit beat out of him!
Watch the fight below!.

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