Friday, December 11, 2009

NBA News


Robin 'the caveman' Lopez has been rumoured to have smashed a glass door at the Phoenix practice arena. This is said to have occurred while coach Alvin Gentry was being interviewed. Gentry had to stop the interview to address Lopez. Robin was angry after losing a three on three game and stormed off the court pushing the glass door against the wall and shattering the panel. Gentry said Lopez will be fined and will pay for the door. He could buy the gym for goodness sake, what is one door going to do to his bank account. He could probably smash one every day at practice for the rest of his career!

Shawn Marion from the Dallas Mavericks came out with some bizarre comments directed at his former teammates at the Miami Heat. Marion believes his Miami team were tanking last season to improve their lottery chances. In an article on Marion said “When I first got there, they were basically tanking the season". Miami players have rejected any type of tanking to better their chances. You have to wonder though, with the team they had, should they been losing that many games last season?

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