Monday, December 21, 2009

Jason Kidd Aims Up To Aussie David Anderson


David Anderson was in the spotlight when the Mavericks hosted the Rockets on Saturday. It was fun seeing an Aussie taking a stance against an American even if it was Jason Kidd who is two feet shorter than Anderson. It didn't seem like much but Anderson didn't back down and walked right up to Kidd before there were some pushes and shoves between the two teams. While the referees were soughting things out the replay was shown. Kidd is seen to take a run up and shoulder charge Anderson. Anderson seemed to be just going to set a pick on Kidd but Kidd took it in his own hands. Is Kidd kidding, excuse the pun! You can't do that in a game of basketball, maybe he thought the Aussies love their league and AFL that he might show David that he could cut it down in OZ. Good on you Anderson! Way to represent Australia.

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