Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will Vince Young Be The Titans Saviour? Complete Reshuffle of the Kangaroos Lineup and Will Bresciano Cure Our Attacking Woes?


Vince Young must be commended for staying positive while he waited in the shadow of Kerry Collins. After coming out of a remarkable college career with the Texas Longhorns, Young had the chance to shine. His first two seasons didn't quite live up to the expectations. Vince succumbed to an injury early last season which gave Collins a chance to step in and take the reins. Last year Collins took Tennessee to a 13-3 record which kept Vince on the sidelines. After going 0-6 in the first six games of the current season Kerry has been given the chop and Young now gets his chance to audition for a future contract with the Titans. First stop Jacksonville Jaguars. Young played a helping hand in their 30-13 drumming of the Jaguars. His statistics were great, contributing a touchdown and throwing 125 yards on 15/18 completions. Not bad stats for first game back in the big show. Are Tennessee fans singing his praises already or are they going to wait a few games? I'm curious on how he is going to go for the rest of the season. Let's hope he can bring back the glory days of when he was a Longhorn and get the Titans season back on track.

Good luck to all the new Kangaroos going to be suiting up against the French this weekend. Even though i don't agree with resting the players for this match, I wish them all the best. Josh Morris and Michael Jennings have the chance to place some doubt in the mind of Tim Sheens with some solid play against the snail eaters. Do people agree that some of the big name players should be rested? Some of them aren't performing well and I feel they should be given every opportunity to gain some confidence. Confidence is a necessity against the Kiwis who play with so much of it.


My last 'Hats Off' has to be given to the return of Mark Bresciano to the Socceroo's squad. He will return for the Asian Cup Qualifier against Oman in Muscat on November 14. Mark is a key player returning to the middle of the park. I hope this helps the Aussies penetrate the middle of the park more before the attack moves to the wings. Oman will be troubled if the Aussies can find their feet through the midfield. This is going to allow Emerton and Kewell to do their best work! Go the Socceroos!

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  1. adrian, i wouldnt say young's first couple of seasons didnt live up to expectations...he did take the team to the playoffs as a rookie...thats a pretty good effort if you ask me. I've a massive Vince Young fan and a massive titans fan and was calling his name for a long time! the titans are back!..special mention must go to chris johnson for the titans also! what a star this kid is now and in my eyes a future hall of famer!!