Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Is In The House, Aussie has Career Night in the NBA and Can Kevin Sheedy Still Coach?


Kudos must be given to Tiger Woods for coming to Australia to participate at the Australian Masters. Who wouldn't though for a $3.25 million appearance fee. Tiger arrived on his private jet yesterday landing in Essendon airport, before being whisked away to the Crown Casino where he will stay while in Melbourne. Australian Golf feel as if it was the right thing to do and that they will benefit from his visit. They certainly have done so. They are predicting Tiger will bring sell out crowds of 20000 people a day to Kingston Heath. Lets hope he makes the cut! Stuart Appleby, one of Australia's top golfers, feels the appearance fee is worth every cent. "It's a big investment but I think it's a real smart one" Appleby said. One way Tiger can repay Australian Golf is by putting on a show and taking out the Masters.
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Hats Off must be given to Nathan Jawai from the Minnesota Timberwolves who had a career night against Portland. While his 16 points in 21 minutes weren't good enough to help the Timberwolves get the win it could mean more minutes for the Aussie from Cairns. Jawai has had a tough time since joining the NBA. He has played for three teams already and not getting much playing time. He has been criticised for putting on too much weight and not having a great international series against New Zealand. Lets hope this is the kick start he needs to get his NBA Career going. The Timberwolves who are struggling this year may allow Jawai to get some more minutes. The more exposure he can get the better chance he may have his contract extended or be seen by other clubs.
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Western Suburbs AFL have signed Kevin Sheedy to coach the new club, Greater Western Sydney. He is the only man who could win the hearts of a population area where Rugby League and Soccer are the dominant codes. The problem is can the man still coach? His coaching record is amazing. He coached the Essendon football club for 27 years, winning four premierships. After Sheedy left Essendon they have slowly slipped away from what they once were. I think he is going to need a great assistant to help him along his ways. Kevin will love this challenge and will do everything in his power to make it work. In 2012 they will make their debut, I can't wait for the grudge matches between the Swans and the Greater West. It will be a marketers dream!

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