Monday, November 16, 2009

Manning v Brady Lives Up To The Expectations


Sunday Night Football produced one of the all time greatest comebacks by Payten Manning and the Colts. There was massive hype regarding the Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots who have two of the greatest quarterbacks of this decade on their playing rosters. Manning and Tom Brady gave the fans just what they had been asking for. Long touchdown passes by Brady and short and sharp bullets by Manning. The game had it all. It was entertainment plus in the opening half with many touchdowns and not much defense being played, or we could just say the quarterbacks were just that good. The offensive lines held strong and gave Tom and Payten plenty of time to get their passes off. 

The second half though, especially the third quarter was sloppy. A few turnovers by New England both on the Colts goal line proving costly. Manning gave the Pats every chance to win the game with a horrible pass intended for Reggie Wayne. It all came down to the last two minutes though. The game was so tight that with two minutes left the New England Patriots had the ball 4th and 2 on their own 30 yard line. The Pats were up six. Normally a team would punt and make their opposition have to run 80 yards to win the match. For some unknown reason, which will be spoken about for the rest of the year, Bill Belichick insists they go for it instead of the punt. With no time outs remaining the ball is thrown by Brady only to be juggled when the catch is made by Kevin Faulk. In juggling the ball he was pushed back behind the first down markers. Belichick could not challenge the play leaving the Colts with the ball in the Pats 30 yard line down six with two minutes to play. In comes Manning who tears them apart and the Colts win by one.

 I seriously can't believe the decision made by Belichick. It just doesn't make sense. In such a big game for the Pats it would have made sense to trust your defense and make the Colts win the game from their own 20 yard line. Bill also used crucial timeouts in the wrong situations, one of them just before the snap to talk the 4th and 2 situation over with Brady. If he saves that time out he would have been able to challenge the play. Damn that would have been one hell of a challenge. It looked so close. In an interview on, Belichick stated "if we make that play we would have been able to run down the clock to the end or close enough". Sorry Bill you didn't. Gambling is a bad habit and boy did you lose. Here are some game notes I took while watching the match:

  1. Brady was on fire throughout the match hitting targets left, right and centre. He just seems so calm and collected all the time. His pass to Randy Moss was incredible, he landed that piece of leather on a dime. If he keeps throwing like that the Pats will be humming by playoff time. He works so well with Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Welker is a machine and made many big time plays for his side. 
  2. Payten Manning was up and down today. He threw a couple of really dud balls or as the espn commentators call it a 'duck'. Two of them being interceptions which were clearly off the mark. However during the first half he was throwing the ball well, it was his receivers who were making a mess of it. When the pressure is on though I'd look no further then putting Manning in my pocket. His no huddle offense is amazing to watch. So sharp and crisp. That last quarter was so good to watch him work his magic.
  3. Even though the Colts defense was decimated by injuries they hung tough especially in the fourth quarter. The Colts on average have only allowed their opposition 13.5 points per game. Tonight they allowed 34 and still won. Robert Mathers must be given kudos for his fourth quarter effort. He single-handedly gave the Colts one last chance with some deflections and pressure on Brady.

All in all a great match to sit and watch on my day off work! I hope you all enjoyed it, sorry to all the Pats fans but I know who you will all be cursing on. I'm sure the Pats will be in the finals. Check out the game highlights below courtesy of

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  1. Nice write up shmuck! I dont know if I completely agree with you on Bilichick's decision. I sorta think they had to go for it. New Englands defence in the fourth looked tired and Manning took the colts on two drives over 80 metres, one which only took just over 90 seconds! I think the pats lose either way even if they did punt. If they get that first down its pretty much over. But what a game! Playoffs should be interesting this year!