Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NRL and Gallop Part Ways

David Gallop has officially resigned from his position at the National Rugby League today. This is news people have seen coming for a couple of weeks now.

Over the course of his duty at the helm of the NRL David Gallop has gone to hell and back. He has had to deal with some of the biggest issues Rugby League has witnessed in the history of the game. I feel as if he has dealt with many of them as well as anyone could have. He has set a platform for the person who steps into his position.

Many Rugby League fans haven't seen eye to eye with a lot of Gallops decisions during his tenure. He had to deal with the Bulldogs and Melbourne Salary Cap drama, Brett Stewart's infamous court case and all the other moronic things NRL players do in their spare time. Even though I was shattered with what he did with the Bulldogs (stripping them of all their points), he was consistent when the Storm were caught.

I hope Gallop has left the Rugby League in a good position in terms of the broadcasting deal. I know this is one thing the fans have felt he could have done better in the past. The league needs to keep their players in this country and stop the exodus overseas. A large deal could be what helps the NRL get back on it's feet.

Gallop was quoted in saying that he will take a break and use his services elsewhere. Where do you think he will go? Will any other sporting organisation take him on board? I believe so. I think he is a very smart man who has dealt with issues no sporting code in Australia has. That has to benefit somebody greatly.

Shane Heal has already tweeted "Lets get Gallop to run the NBL. I thought he was great at the NRL.Would be terrific for basketball." I couldn't agree more. It would take basketball to a better place in Australian sport and give us a recognised face at the top.

Good luck David Gallop in your endeavours and thanks for keeping as much control as you could of our game in your time at the NRL.

Who will be next in charge of our beloved game?

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  1. Gallop going from the NRL to the NBL will be like going from Miranda Kerr to Whoopi Goldberg.