Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miami v Boston Game 5 extravaganza

Well how about Game Five in Miami. One of the all time greats. There was great offence, excellent defence and big time shots. Miami started incredibly well and then Boston even though shooting terribly stayed within two points at the half time break. The Celtics continued to mount comeback after comeback until they hit the lead during the fourth quarter on some crafty moves by Rondo and some brilliant shooting by Pietrus and Garnett. They weren't to look back as Pietrus and Pierce hit huge threes to bury any chance of Miami holding court. Boston take a shock 3-2 lead heading back to the Garden on Friday.

Boston proved that experience matters come the crunch. Paul Pierce's three ball over a stretched LeBron James was amazing. It felt like he took an eternity to shoot that. Even though he was playing poorly Pierce stepped up in the fourth taking the ball strongly to the hoop and hitting some key perimeter jumpers.

On the other hand it was the same old story for LeBron James. He hit a wide open three and a uncontested layup in the fourth quarter. In the final 8 minutes of the game LeBron had four shots. Eric Spoelstra should have his contract ripped up no matter what happens in this series or even if they win the final. This is outrageous. He can't coach basketball to save his life let alone his career. He has been handed two of the best players ever to play the game and he shits himself in the final quarter every time.

The highlights of this awesome game can be viewed here (check out Wade's block and then Rondo's pass. Incredible from both guys).

Here are some awesome pics going around from today's game.

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