Friday, June 15, 2012

Heat Steal 1 Away From The Thunder

What a way to start the NBA Finals. Everything that everyone had hoped for is happening before our eyes. Kev and LBJ have been amazing, Rusty and Wade have been good and you couldn't ask for more from Harden and Battier. The best thing about it is we're going to definitely have five plus games. No sweep here as Miami pull off a big win away from home 100-96 (stats here).

Game 1 was all about KD and Rusty. Miami got off to a flyer but couldn't hold off a scorching hot Durant and Westbrook. Durant was amazing with 36 points and Rusty chipped in with 27. LeBron again put together a nice 30 points but seemed to struggle from outside the paint. With help from his bench in the form of Battier and Chalmers, Miami couldn't get anything from Wade which in the end proved costly as the Thunder went on to win 105-94 (stats here).

With their backs to the wall in game two Miami again came out flying, leading 25-8 at one stage. The Thunder opened up 1-12 from the field. Westbrook started atrociously and was only looking for himself. It wasn't until James Harden came into the game where the Thunder got going. He was aggressive and played with a lot of confidence. He got the crowd going and it gave them a little burst of energy.

Miami continued to repel any type of run the Thunder produced with deep threes by Battier and LBJ getting to the rim. With Durant in foul trouble the Heat capitalised. They continued to lead by double figures throughout the third quarter and took a strong 11 point lead into the final break.

However as they have always done in the past the Thunder found form and took an almighty chunk off the lead. KD had fire in his eyes and made some massive plays hitting three's and a fat driving dunk on Battier which got the crowd going. Westbrook fed off the energy with a nice score and foul. Shane Battier as he has done all series so far hit a bank three from the top of the three point line to silence the crowd. LBJ then hit a tough floater going left and then Bosh followed up with a two handed slam which pushed the lead back to seven with 53 seconds remaining.

Game over right? No chance.

After a Durant layup Wade lost the ball which led to a wide open KD three cutting the lead to two with 37 seconds to go. Westbrook was so close to shooting that three. Imagine if he did and missed and didn't pass to a red hot Durant. I don't think he would have got out of there alive. Can you ever count this team out of a game?

After LeBron missed a three the ball ended up with KD in the post. Is there anyone that doesn't think that was foul? I mean there was more than one foul that could have been called on James. I understand that it may not have been called if it was in Miami, because the refs just wouldn't do that, but at home, it's a given!

The Thunder definitely did not deserve to win game two but it was an almighty comeback that was robbed of two game tying free throws to one of the best shooters in the game. LBJ's bank shot was incredible and may give him some confidence in hitting the big shot in the games to come.

In the last two NBA final series the away side has won game two and then gone home to lose game three. What do you think happens?

What a series I can't believe we have to wait until Sunday for the next one!

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