Monday, June 4, 2012


In both the East and Western Conference Finals the home team has held fort and will now play in a best of three. Could the NBA Playoffs get any better?

After going over both my Western and Eastern Conference previews I'm quite happy with how I felt the series would have developed.

I feel as if OKC are taking a lot of momentum to San Antonio for game 5. However Coach Pop will have something up his sleeve to keep the Spurs in front I think. The Spurs have not lost three in a row all season. I struggle to think it will be this one. They have not looked great in Oklahoma which suggests this could possibly go the distance. Kevin Durant's final quarter was simply amazing in game four. He absolutely torched the Spurs in every way possible.

I see game 5 being a lot more of a tussle and a little less free flowing than the first four games. The pressure is starting to mount on both sides and each possession means so much. I think we will stop seeing silly turnovers on the fast break and both sides will try to develop a post game before the small guys take over. Tony Parker is going to have to find his feet again after struggling in Oklahoma. Another one of those magical 16 for 21 nights will definitely help the Spurs stay ahead in this series.

What a series this Miami vs Boston is turning out to be! I find it a lot of the time you are guaranteed a big finish in the Eastern Conference just for the fact it is played much tighter than the West. Today was no different. Wade found himself wide open after Daniels bit on the shot fake. It wasn't to be an Boston evened up the series.

There was big call after big call in game four. Pierce fouling out and then Garnett's foul in the last few seconds of regulation were the big ones against Boston. Miami lost LBJ in overtime to a similar foul that we saw on Garnett. I think it was a square up for the call earlier. There were also some dubious charge calls which could have gone either way. One of the fouls I couldn't believe they missed was Wades block on Pierce. Did anyone else see the contact on the body?

I thought Wade over the last two games hasn't been himself. He can't go back to Miami and play the way he has been playing in Boston. It could potentially mean Boston go home being up 3-2. It will be a big feat if Rondo and the Celtics can win this series but I'm not entirely convinced Miami can get a full team effort for the next three games. Boston's bench has all the confidence in the world heading into the fifth game. Could that be the telling factor?

Does anyone else believe LBJ thinks Udonis Haslem is more clutch than him? Why does he continue to pass the ball to him with two seconds left on the clock. I feel for Haslem a little bit. What is he seriously meant to do!

I'm really looking forward to these games. They are going to be rippers. Do they both go to seven games or does someone get the job done in six. What do you think?

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