Thursday, August 19, 2010


The NBA Is Losing Control Of Their Players

Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver for some crazy reason. He wants out fast too. Firstly he wanted to go and partner up with Amare Stoudemire at New York. Now he has come out and said that if the Rockets or the Nets come up with a trade he will sign a multi-year deal with them.

Along comes Chris Paul who supposedly stood up at Anthony's wedding declaring that they were going to make a super team of their own. Paul was talking about himself, Anthony and Stoudemire at the  New York Knicks. Who do these guys think they are trying to run the NBA? What confidence does this give GM's when signing big name players? What about the fans? Players just don't care anymore!

There is no more loyalty in the game. Denver fans just having purchased 'Anthony' jerseys over the off season should receive a refund. New Orleans fans won't know if to cheer or boo Chris Paul if he stays on this season. They all know for a fact that he wants out, why should they cheer for him this year?

I understand  why people think that this is exciting for the game but it really isn't! There will be five or six really good teams and then the rest will be pathetic. Who wants to watch LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh absolutely tear apart the Sacramento Kings? I certainly don't. I want to see a competition where many of the teams have superstars which they can build around. Just as the Lakers have done with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol being surrounded by great role players. That is why they're so successful and fun to watch.

The NBA needs to sit down and put a stop to this. It is ridiculous how three all star players can go to lunch and discuss how they can all play on the same team. If the NBA is going to move forward they need to clean this mess up. I really feel for the fans in this situation and I hope David Stern does too!


  1. well said Adrian...but I think this seems to be a problem in alot of sports really - the afl probably being the only one it doesnt happen often in. League and Union players use cross code switch threats to inflate their slaries, meanwhile in soccer, teams like Chelsea, real Madrid and Man City have turned it upside with they way they are splashing their cash around.

  2. Totally agree mate. Well said and let me add to that, lakers had tough days like every side... believe me, but they rose* from it, putting all the missing links together. Great article. straight to the point as well.

  3. In other news the Sydney Kings are back

  4. Yes the Kings are back and it's great..did you see they smashed a college team on the weekend..a real shame they couldn't get a top div 1 school! I remember going to watch when they had Arizona out here...That was awesome...

  5. Yes I was there Alexandria was packed, had people standing on court 2 watching. Basketball is certainly alive in Sydney.