Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Match Fixing Becoming A Way Of The Sporting Life?


Firstly in the NRL, ex Melbourne Storm now Canterbury Bulldogs forward Ryan Tandy, is suspected to have been involved in a fix during the first few minutes of the Bulldogs/Cowboys clash at Dairy Farmers last weekend. Tandy says he has nothing to hide regarding the incident, and that he was not involved at all in the betting plunge. Punters were set to collect a lovely $250000 if the Cowboys kicked a penalty goal as the first scoring play of the match. The reason Tandy is having the finger pointed at him, is that first he knocked the ball on in the opening set of six, and straight after gave the Cowboys a penalty right in front of the sticks. The Cowboys chose not to take the two, instead tapping and scoring in the corner. Therefore, the sting didn't succeed and the punters were left wondering! Do you think Tandy is guilty? Do you believe that other matches in the past or present have been fixed? Gambling on sport is on the rise and it doesn't look like slowing down. There will definitely be more instances of this occurring.

Secondly a more important scandal that is happening right at this moment is the Pakistan Cricket Team bonanza. There have been fresh reports that money was exchanged over the table. You see in the video an unnamed man, declaring that there will be a no ball on certain balls bowled. That is insane! They weren't wrong either. The no-balls that were bowled are hilarious, check them out below. They certainly made sure their foot was over the line. The more I watch these videos the more it makes me cringe. These guys should be banned for life. There is no room for this behaviour in any sport around the world. When the Australians did come back from that test in Sydney, you had to question the tactics of the Pakis.

I really hope that the sporting world isn't rocked to hard by these two stories. However, something must be done about this. This can't be swept under the rug. An example must be set and if it's Ryan Tandy or the Pakistani's, SO BE IT!

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