Tuesday, August 17, 2010



I am sick to death of complaining about NRL Referees but last nights game has to be spoken about. The St George Illawarra vs Manly was shaping up to be a cracker of a match before the man upstairs decided it was to be all about him.

Bill Harrigan who is the head of the referees was the man pressing the button last night. You would think that he would know the rule that you can't lose control of the ball over the try line and than place your hand on it after the ball has hit the ground. Obviously not! Gasnier shimmy shimmy whoosed before crossing over for what looked like a great individual try, but he clearly lost the ball. If you haven't seen it watch the video below, on the slow motion replay you can see clear separation. After the first replay it would have been a red light for me, it was that clear. When the green light came on, I couldn't believe it. The commentators were blowing up. Anything to get in the news Billy Boy! I liked Warren Smith's comment "Here's $10000 Dessie get into them after the game!" Good on you Waz.

This is bad for the game, it's wrong for the players and fans to be punished by these imbeciles. Bill Harrigan after the game defended himself by saying "It was the benefit of the doubt, there was no separation.The ball was put down short of the line than rolled onto it." WOW WAH WEE WAH, he is going bananas! The worst thing is the Dragons claiming that he got it right. Gasnier said "I guess it was one of those 50/50 calls, I guess I got the benefit of the doubt." Are you insane Gaz? What's so 50/50 about it? The ball was clearly out of your hands, I even think that the Manly guy kicked it before Gaz touched it again! Wayne Bennett even denied there was any separation. That's alright the bloke is getting old, he probably is having troubles with his eye sight. 

Bobby Fulton was furious "It was the worst decision by a video referee since the introduction of the video ref in 97. The decision was a joke. Harrigan is a blight on the game and he must be sacked as a video ref." There has been a feud between Harrigan and Fulton for years now. Back in 1987 Fulton told Harrigan "I hope you get run over by a cement truck."

In the second half Brent Kite went to the line and handed the ball to Kieran Foran who was a metre in front of him. Shane Hayne was standing right there and signaled that he flicked it back. I could see it first time, he threw it so far forward it was worthy of a penalty. How do two men in the middle plus two touch judges miss that? Foran was looking at Hayne with a guilty look on his face, praying for him to award the try. If this is the game of the round and we have these monkeys adjudicating, the finals could be ruined!
Lets hope they can start to get it right, I think the first step to that is getting rid of the video ref. It will give the refs downstairs more confidence in their decisions and fans will accept that. All this slow motion rubbish is causing to many grey areas in our game.


  1. Johnny hates ref'sAugust 17, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    Bill Harigon is an absolute joke... I don't support either team but I still cracked it last night when I saw that decision....... how does he call that a try....????? and then people ask me why I hate ref's so much... I reckon when a person goes to become a ref, there is questions they ask before they continue.... where you dropped on your head as a baby??? if yes... your in!!!!!

  2. I don't think you are far off Johnny hates Ref's! It was a disgrace to the game last night. I don't support either team but I want to see what's good for the game, and those two decisions last night weren't at all!

  3. Harrigan has just been dropped for anyone that is interested!

  4. Brilliant title!

    As if they even need refs in NRL anymore, they just go to Video ref anyway

  5. think billy needs to stop working two jobs... besides working the video ref seat he also works a senior role at referee headquarters.. A great example to the younger refs .. making mistakes at the end of the season..

    however i don't know if dropping refs is a the way to go .. i think it sends the message "if you make a mistake or see it differently to the crowd then you will be dropped"... leaving refs on edge and scared to make the big calls.. im sure they blow the whistle sometimes just to please the crowd..

    Dropping bill will just help the topic go away from the papers and then come finals he will be back in the box ..