Thursday, March 18, 2010



They are finally back! It's time to celebrate, Sydney have a team in next year's NBL Competition. It's taken a couple of years for them to do it, but I'm sure it'll have been worth the wait. 

There are so many questions which are still unanswered though. It will be interesting to know if the Sydney team will be go by the the name 'Sydney Kings'. 

Where will the Sydney team train? Back at good ol' Alexandria is where I'm thinking. It's cheap and in the area. It's bloody hot though! 

Will the Sydney team run with the Lion as their mascot, or will they give him the flick and run with something new? I say keep the Lion, just teach him some god damn new tricks. 

Where will they play their games? I'm hoping somewhere smaller than the Entertainment Centre. It's just too big and all the Sydney folk just don't bother coming to the games. They just rock up when it's a game five of a finals series. Or is that only because that's the only time it's promoted. You could hold an argument for both.

Who will run the Kings? Who will be in the team? Who will coach the team?

The renewing of the Sydney license will surely fire up local competitions such as the SEABL, ABA, and the Perth League. I know from playing in the Waratah ABA there would be a couple of guys putting their hands up for a spot. I wonder if some of the guys from Parramatta, are wishing they'd now gone to a team where they can get plenty of shots up, to impress the scouts? Graeme Dann, Clint Reed, Stefan Blaszcynski and Goran Veg are all of NBL quality. Last weekend saw the ball distributed between the four of them with Veg taking the most shots (12). It should be interesting to see which way it swings now.
Will the back court of the Comets make a push for the back up point guard position. Michael Seckold and Blake Borgia on any given night can light up the scoreboard. Will they be taking more shots now they know there is a spot or two available. Last weekend, the two combined for 4-of-19 from downtown. Must have had sore shoulders that night!! It should make it an interesting contest when Sutherland play Sydney. Surely BJ Carter will try and put on a show, making sure Sydney haven't forgotten who their favourite son is.

Well at least I'll have something to look forward to for when I get back from Europe. Hopefully the Sydney team can get some great crowds and play some entertaining basketball. I really hope that they don't load their team with imports and non-NSW players as they have done in the past. It would be extremely disappointing and the fans won't bother showing up. Well I know I won't be anyway. Fresh young talent, some seasoned veterans and some exciting imports would be on my list. Look what Wollongong achieved this year with their roster.

I'll be keeping you updated on the happenings with the Sydney club. Keep on the look out for who I think is dominating the ABA, and who deserves a crack at the big time!

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