Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parra Fans Still Lamenting Over Dragons Kicking Tactics


Parramatta Eels fans all over NSW, can't stop sulking over the fact that Jarryd Hayne was shut out of the match on Friday night. If you didn't catch the match, the Dragons looked to kick the ball dead in goal, any chance they had. This limited Jarryd Hayne's impact on the match. It certainly showed as he never really got in the game.

Parramatta fans, I'm sorry to say but you are going to have to deal with it all year round. Billy Slater from Melbourne, went through the same thing a couple of years back. He sometimes still finds himself picking the ball out of the stands! It's not a dirty tactic, more a smart one. Should anything be done about it, a rule change maybe? I don't think so. As Andrew Johns said during the live call on Monday Night, "Rugby League is flowing just fine, and doesn't need any drastic changes". Well put Joey.

Personally, I think if the ball is kicked out on the full, then the receiving team, should get the ball from where the kick was taken. If the tactic is going to be used throughout the year, then at least make it hard on the team trying to use it.

Hayne must now assert himself more around the ruck. Billy Slater is one of the best at following his big guys and causing havoc around the ruck area. Instead of focusing now on kick returns, maybe he can do more work with the big boys at practice.

Above is another news article, which speaks about the tactic not being in the spirit of the game. The one reason Roach is mad in the article, is because he would have had to run back to the 20metre line for the restart. Normally the forwards would let the backs run out the first couple of tackles on a kick return. Times are changing, Blocker!

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