Tuesday, March 30, 2010



This is the advertisement that has the Geelong football club extremely fired up. I do not blame them either. Gary Ablett Jnr has not made a decision whether he is going to stay at the Cats or ship north and play for the new Gold Coast team. What gives them the right to put him on a photo-shopped poster with him in a GC uniform? I think if Gaz takes a look at what he will look like in a Gold Coast jersey, it might put him off all together. If that's the case, that person is getting the sack!

Ablett told the Herald Sun yesterday he wouldn't be rushed into making a decision on his future."I'd walk away from this game before I'd let myself be hurried into making a decision," he said. His decision would be based on "what makes me happy and what I really want in my life".

In a statement this afternoon, Gold Coast chief executive Travis Auld said the poster was an editorial initiative of the Bulletin "It was not generated by the Gold Coast Football Club, it was not paid for by the Gold Coast Football Club and the Gold Coast Football Club was not asked to participate in its publication,’’ Auld said. That is utter BS is you ask me. As if they had nothing to do with it. The GCFC are just handing it over to other people so they don't get into trouble. 

The decision is going to be hard enough for Gaz to make, and I really hope he shows loyalty to the Geelong Football Club. There is a proud Ablett history at the GFC, it would be a shame to see a future hall of famer be lost to money. He is reported to have been offered a $1.5 million deal to go to the Gold Coast.

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