Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I have been trying to get off Amare's nuts for a while now, but how can you? This guy is an absolute freak and today he proved it again. His dunk on Tolliver was ridiculously outrageous! The commentator goes as far as saying it "quite possibly could be his biggest dunk". I wouldn't disagree. Stoudamire just has so much power while in the air. He basically is unstoppable when he has taken off. If I had to pick out of Dwight Howard and Stoudamire at the moment, it would definitely be Amare. Howard just doesn't have the offensive ability that Stoudamire possesses. Howard is boring to watch and so predictable. He either tries to bank a jump shot or throws up a running hook shot. Who would you choose? Check this dunk out. Don't cream your pants now!

Amare mustn't have liked Horford taking up the spotlight the night before. Al Horford from the Atlanta Hawks posterised Tim Duncan. This is no easy feat folks and not many people have done it in their time. This kid has talent and is already becoming a superstar in the NBA. He has what it takes to be an All Star for many years. This dunk proves that. I have to say Amare's poster is more exciting, but watching Duncan get smashed on, is always fun. I don't think it beats the time Vince Carter dunked on him, but it's pretty damn good. I'll let you decide.

Damn...Vince could seriously get up back in the day. I'm just waiting for him to flush it on someone again. It's been too long between drinks for the man known as Vinsanity!

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