Thursday, March 29, 2012


While making sure I had the Please Marry My Boy Finale taped, I was flicking through my twitter timeline and came across Robbie Farah's tweet. "Just got ambushed on NRL on Fox. Pretty fired up ATM to be honest and pretty pissed off. Wanted to unleash more then I did". I was intrigued so I called my boss who is a mad Tigers supporter to see if he knew what on earth went down. He must have been bombarded with phone calls so i had to watch it for myself.

Just as I sat down to watch it, my lovely girlfriend told me I had to go down to the supermarket, lucky I have IQ. I quickly taped it and ran off to the shops. It just so happens I live right near the Fox Sports Studio. While walking past I was hoping to catch Robbie Farah blowing up at some executive but that wasn't to be. 

I got home just as it was finishing so I rewound it and watched the interview from the start. It was quite full on and awkward. I just don't think anyone else would have the balls to confront a captain like Matty Johns did. Was he in the right? In my mind he definitely was. The Tigers are playing woeful, out of character and with no heart. To sum that up in one word, "soft", and that's exactly what was said on air. I'm one for excuses so I can't really give it to him for that, but why was he so wound up about it when he continually said "it's only March". Johns was spot on about the Tigers play over the last couple of weeks and Farah only had to say "did you see us scramble". I mean at least come up with something good, I'm surprised the boys didn't start laughing. 

It is about time some of these players got told how it is. I can't wait for someone to tell them that they are all overpaid athletes, I'm sure we will see fireworks erupt then. 

I don't know if anyone noticed but when Matty asked if he could delve further, Robbie peers over Johns shoulder. I'm guessing it was either to his manager or maybe the production manager. You could tell he was burning up inside, his death stare after Matty had finished speaking with him was priceless. A captain under fire and not coping with it at all well is not a good image for the Tigers. I mean he even swore on air. Mark Geyer even rubbed it in further by saying "I had you guys missing the 8". 

I could see the tension growing between Robbie and Matty, I somehow don't think this is over! 


  1. Yeah Totally agree Wedge the Tigers are just not playing well but I think they will recover they after all have the 3rd best 5/8 in NZ with Benji Marshall.
    I look forward to your NBL blog mate it is finals time baby bring it on!!

    Matt Fisk.

  2. Totally agree Matt Fisk the NBL finals will be red hot I am so pumped!!! It is a national disgrace that we can't see them on television though just not fair. I will have my spies out there at the game though.

    Matt Heyes.

  3. Yeah me too Heyes I will have spies out there as well but hoping to get to a few games if I can. Love the NBL I just think it's our national showpiece each year in Australian sport. I can't see being long until we have Aussie's galore in the NBA such is our immense talent on show in the NBL.

    Michael Lawrence.