Wednesday, April 7, 2010



I seriously can't believe OneHD are airing this rubbish. It is like watching a bunch of guys play pick up at the KGV. There is no structure, no defence and the shots that are being thrown up are outrageous. Are they paying some of these imports to come and play at this tournament? There is no one even there to watch the game. It's school holidays and they can't even get a crowd. It was great to turn on OneHD and see that I could count the amount of people in the stands with one hand.  

I am positive they didn't get enough people to register to play for this tournament. On one team they had Graeme Dann, Clint Reed and BJ Carter. No disrespect to these guys at all, all three of them I am mates with, but are they going to draw crowds? Probably not.  

Steve Carfino is one of the basketball elites, but you think in a six hour broadcast they would change the commentators around? At least then we are not listening to the same people all day, a little boring don't you think? 
Twenty20 cricket worked because Cricket were already drawing monster crowds. Fans were going to flock to cricket grounds to see something new and entertaining. Basketball at this stage are still trying to find their feet. Fans want to see more of what they saw in the finals series, not a bunch of street ballers trying to get their name out there. 

The NBL should have never put their logo on the court that this rubbish is being played on!


  1. I think the concept of the high stakes hoops works well but the application is terrible. With the announcement of the Sydney Kings returning to the NBL they should have had the tournament in Sydney to promote the sport. Think about it the Easter is at Homebush at the moment and they could have ran it in conjunction with the show, at least there would have been a crowd.

    I think it is a poor effort - the NBL has just resigned to free to air TV and this is what they have to show case; a feeble attempt at something that had so much potential. Looks like nothing much has changed with the NBL administration.

  2. The NBL wanted nothing to do with the High Stakes Hoops. I know that for a fact. I'm thinking the only reason they got involved is because of the new OneHD contract. Big mistake!

    The Easter Show idea definitely could have worked and would have drawn more of a crowd that what is being shown on TV. That's where basketball in australia is going wrong. No one to step in and suggest such things!