Monday, February 8, 2010

Is This Just A Confidence Boosting Summer For Australian Cricket?


This summer of Cricket has been an absolute JOKE! West Indies and Pakistan you should never have come to our country and made fans pay to watch you lot play. Maybe you should have had your own series in your own country.It's sad because Australians love their cricket and Cricket Australia should be bringing the best to our country.

I wonder though if it is a ploy to help boost the confidence of our star players ahead of the crucial Ashes Series later this year. It's not a dumb thing to do but if it is the case how dare they charge premium pricing to the fans. South Africa, India, New Zealand(at times) and Sri Lanka all are World Class opposition, why the hell didn't we treat the fans with better competition. Maybe the Aussies should just play 20/20 and cancel all the 50 over matches against these morons, atleast then they're a chance. If Australia don't bat first in a 50 over match in this tri series then it is not worth paying the money to go and watch. Are Australia really that good at the moment or do you think we may struggle against better opposition? Will these easy matches hurt us when the tougher matches come round, not having played in a tight contest for some of these young pups eg Bollinger and Harris, could lead to nerves or panic.I don't know how they justified bringing these losers out here but I certainly hope they've done the right thing.

I also can't believe the move that Cricket Australia/NSW wants to make to Homebush. It doesn't make sense when you think about the proud history the SCG has and all the money put in to build the new grandstand. It's as if the board hasn't seen the damage the Olympic Stadium has done to the Rugby League crowd numbers.Not to mention the $20 million that Cricket Australia will lose from their Commonwealth Bank sponsorship if the move happens. What sort of imbisile would want to lose that sort of money?

The Ashes better live up to it's high expectations otherwise 2010 may be seen as one of the lowest points in Australian Cricket History.

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  1. In regards to test cricket, I don't think traveling teams have enough practice matches on Australia soil before the series starts. I think England have the right idea for the next ashes series they are coming out earlier and preparing like all test teams should.