Tuesday, June 7, 2011



I've been looking at the NBL website every couple of days for the last two weeks now hoping to see a couple of big name signings for the Sydney Kings. Again I'm disappointed in the inability to snap up big names when they are on the market.

The Melbourne Tigers went on the hunt straight away picking up Daniel Dillon, Ayinde Ubaka and Ron Dorsey. They've picked themselves three quality players who helped Cairns get to a game three of a finals series last season. Perth have signed Damian Martin, K-Lisch, Cameron Tovey, Jesse Wagstaff and Brad Robbins.

The Sydney Kings have signed Khazzouh, Graeme Dann, Luke Martin, Luke Cooper and Aaron Bruce. I'd say we need three of them (in bold). Why on earth after last years shenanigans would you sign three point guards? We need a import point guard! I'm positive that's what all the fans were hoping for this season. If I were Bob Turner I would be throwing all my money at Gary Ervin and Adam Ballinger. The Kings would be a force next year if they could get those two. We would have two of the premier big man in the competition and the MVP. You could then build around them with the likes of Dann, Martin, Knight and another import as Ballinger is an aussie.

If Turner stopped being a tight-arse the Kings would enjoy some success. I have nothing against Cooper and Bruce but the roster isn't big enough for three point guards.

My Kings team for next season:

Khazzouh/Pero Vasiljevic (if unsigned)/Greg Vanderjagt
Magden/??? (Weigh or Hill would have been great off the bench but got snapped up by other clubs!)

These are my thoughts on next seasons Kings team. What are yours?


  1. I like it, gets balls...the point was a joke last yr...What about drew williamson? is he a free agent?

  2. I think the Kings should seriously consider one player they were developing last year who showed great potential when he was both playing and warming up. Ben Hollis is a great young talent and shows the commitment and dedication the Kings should be looking for in a player. Many may be questioning why several of us are pushing for him to be signed, but if you have seen him play you will see what a strong unit he is. He is a great 3/4 candidate and should be considered on a deeper level than what the coaching staff are currently rating him.

  3. I seriously doubt you paid any attention to last season Kings team if you neglect to list Madgen as a re-signing let alone be able to spell his name properly... Last years shenanigans REQUIRED us to have more point gaurds so starting off with the ones we've got now who can shift to SG if needed (running Bruce with Cooper or Martin is an option) isn't the worst idea in the world...

    I seriously question anything in this article if you don't even know taht ballinger isn't available as a free agent, left alone suggesting that we sign Pero and Vandy...

  4. Madgen is listed as my two guard with his back-up in question marks. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

    You can't run cooper with martin or bruce or any of those combinations in this league. You rarely see Damian Martin and Brad Robbins on at the same time.

    Ballinger was spoken of as a potential pick up during last season. I can't remember the website, but there was an article. Pero and Vandy are two big bodies, I'm not begging the Kings to buy them but they'd be cheaps and low on points.

    The Hollis situation is a tough one. The Kings will probably look at an import 4 man if Balls isn't available and have Dann as the backup. Hollis is probably not big enough to play the back up 5 man. Maybe in the ABA he is but not in the NBL. I think Hollis has some game and can rebound the shit out of the ball. I know he has been going to uni so I'm sure he has some solid options outside of hoops to consider.

  5. Rumours abound that Bob Turner is gone from the Kings. This could explain the lack of news from the Kings. I agree with your comment that they should be spending more on the roster but I don't think it was Turner who determined the budget.

  6. I have heard that bob turner rumor too...but let's not think the worst until it's proven. But I do know if we lose bob...this team will be going down hill mighty fast!!

    Benny Hollis is a great player I agree with that! But it's not hard to see the issue of where he would fit within the team after imports are chosen. Saying that, I think having him in the line up as depth on the bench would be good. I mean hey he's gotta be better then scoines was at that! Although he had his moments of brilliance.

  7. Where r they going 2 get the money from?. The magic pot they have in their office?. Cant spend money if ya dont have it.