Saturday, February 19, 2011



The NBL is only six rounds away from finishing up their regular season. There are some serious questions to be asked about who really wants to win this competition!

Everyone is expecting the Kiwis to romp away with the trophy for the first time in the franchises history. I'm not convinced just yet. The way they have been playing over the last few weeks at home suggests a team may be able to spring an upset. Their victories over Melbourne (who won't make the four) and Perth (who are still coming to terms with their loss of inspirational captain Shawn Redhage), just weren't of championship quality. I'm waiting for them to start blowing teams out of the water but it's just not happening. They are the favourites and will definitely have home court advantage in the finals but I just don't see any value in backing them. 

Who do you back then? I mean Perth are struggling without Redhage and unless Matt Knight comes back they will just creep into the finals.

Cairns are no chance because they can't play away from home. Their losses to both Sydney and Melbourne were disgraceful. These losses have cost them a home final. This road trip was key for them and they blew it. Credit must go to Sydney who played hard enough to grind out a victory against a top four team. They should be proud of their efforts over the last month or so. Big shout out to Graeme Dann who is having a career best season and I couldn't be happier for him! 

Townsville at the moment are the only real challenger. They have only dropped one home game this year, meaning in any finals series they are going to take it to a decider.  The trouble again with Townsville is their away record is 3-7. It's just not good enough. A confident booster they can take with them is that they tend to keep their games close! In a game three of a finals series anything can happen and if they are close who knows New Zealand may crumble!

Wollongong have absolutely fallen apart!! I know they had injuries but their ability to lose by 30 points against Townsville and Melbourne with full strength teams have to say something about their ticker! Gordie must be spewing. I think their finals hopes are gone!

The GC are my dark horse. Their run home is tough. They play NZ twice and they have a horror road trip to Perth and Melbourne. If they can beat New Zealand once, I think they will be the fourth team in the finals. If they make the finals they could really give it a shot. If Wortho didn't go down for the season, I'd say it would be a NZ v GC final. 

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